Professional Mold Remediation, Odor Removal, and more!

Mold Removal

We have a proven track record of highly effective mold remediation for over twelve years. We help you find the source of the moisture causing the mold growth and our biodegradable mold removal product & proven process will destroy mold at the molecular level both on the surface and in the air, which leaves the structure of your property unharmed and the air clean.

Odor Removal

Our biodegradable product is highly effective for removal of odors of all kinds including smoke, animal, and stale house odors. It penetrates to eliminate the source of odor. We then treat your entire house and HVAC system, as well, leaving nothing but cleaner air behind.

Environmental Decontamination

Our EPA registered product is approved for use on surfaces and in the air in meth lab decontamination & water damage clean-up, as well as decontamination of viruses and bacterias in schools, daycare & urgent care facilities, and hospitals.

Enviro-Decon Services: Leaders in Mold Removal and Water Damage Repair Services

Serving Grand Rapids, Lansing, Kentwood & Kalamazoo, MI and the surrounding areas!

We are all impacted by mold, odors, and toxins that exist within our environment. At Enviro-Decon Services, we provide people who have these issues with a clear understanding of the cause of the problem. Then we develop a detailed removal plan to restore pristine air, therefore creating a healthier environment.

What sets ENVIRO-DECON apart?

At Enviro-Decon Services, we CARE about your situation and your resulting health, so working with us is...


We provide personal service and quality workmanship using our 12 years of expertise.


Our EPA approved and highly effective remediation product destroys environmental contaminants not only on the surfaces but in the air, leaving you with peace of mind and clean air to breathe.


Guaranteed lowest written price apples to apples due to our state of the art product and process.


Remediation work is usually completed within ONE day and inspection appointments within 24 hours.


We diagnose the root source of the issue and provide you a customized written plan along with an exact quote. When we are done, all known contaminants have completely been removed that is backed up with a written Certificate of Completion for your records.

Our Process



Schedule FREE on-sight inspection and meet with our trained inspector at your home or business.



Receive detailed plan of action addressing source of issue and exact quote within 24-48 hours.



Expert remediation in ONE day in most cases.

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