Mold Removal and Remediation in Grand Rapids, Lansing, & Kalamazoo, MI

Enviro-Decon’s products and protocols destroy mold, mold spores, Mycotoxins, bacteria, viruses, voc’s, mvoc’s; just to name a few.

100% biodegradable, non-toxic and non-corrosive EasyDECON 200 revolutionizes mold remediation processes and procedures for indoor air contamination. It restores indoor air quality in as little as a hour, at a fraction of traditional remediation costs. It has been shown in all testing (both laboratory and files) to be non-damaging and non-staining on virtually all surfaces.

EasyDECON 200 destroys toxins by breaking through their outer shell, going inside and destroying them from the inside. It destroys chemicals by breaking down the chemical bonds between compounds, rendering them inert and biodegradable.

Mold remediation now is as simple as only a few steps, incredibly more effective, much faster, and at a much much lower cost. We don’t need negative air machines, HEPA filters in air scrubbers, containment barriers, toxic anti-microbials and huge costs and being kicked out of your home or business for days, weeks or even months.

Our foaming procedures and protocols eliminate sanding, dry ice or soda blasting. Our products penetrate further and destroy the hyphe of the mold within the wood surfaces and then extract them out as well. No more operator error and mess. No more removing attic insulation to destroy and remove the mold. Wood, furniture, trim and even clothes and upholstery can be saved and cleaned. We also remove mold from crawl spaces and other high moisture areas in your house.