Testimonials - Here’s what our clients have to say:

I actually could not wait to sit down and write this letter because of how happy you have made this customer. A little less than 2 weeks ago, I called your office and spoke with Maggie, a very kind woman who helped me trouble shoot a problem we had been having in our home. I explained to her that here was a smell coming from our crawl space and mechanical room that really bothered me and made me feel ill at times. I thought I was just being hyper-sensitive to the smell but she assured me that it was not normal when I described what I was experiencing. I suspected it was mold. I proceeded to schedule an investigation/estimate to find out for certain the cause of the smell. I was pleasantly surprised that I could have a company representative at my house within a matter of a few days. That representative was you, dear John.

You came to our house and made me feel like you were on our side, trying to solve the problem, not just out for profit. You provided excellent customer service by really listening, setting goals with me, and asking pertinent questions to find the cause of the smell. At the end of your visit, I felt relieved, finally knowing the source of the smell was mold and where it was located. the best news was that it could be dealt with fairly simply and reasonable by fogging the house with a non-toxic mold killer. You gave me a cost on the spot and sent me a contract within 2 days. We proceeded to have the house treated, all in under a week of your visit. I was grateful to get the schedule so quickly. You ever reworked your schedule so we could have it done in the morning, which I so appreciated.

When we arrived home after being away during the treatment, I was not bothered at all by the smell of the mold killer. I was so thrilled and happy that the mold smell was gone. The symptoms I felt before had subsided. The mold could not harm our household anymore. It was dead!

I cannot thank you and your company enough for taking such good care of our family. I am so relieved to have that mold smell completely gone. I feel like I have learned a lot throughout the process, especially about keeping the humidity level in check. I would highly recommend your company to anyone and everyone who has any kind of problem with mold. I would use your company again without reservation.

Our heartfelt thanks for helping our family to be healthy once again!